Business audit
Setup and customization sales and marketing

Assess the level of competence
Generation a vector of development


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Small and medium business
For business scaling and/or optimization tasks
Businesses from 2 years with employees, "ripe" for the formation of a business model with sustainable profit growth
"Ripe" ambitions
Young companies (2-3 years on the market) have passed the stage of formation and approval in the market. The need to form a strategic goal, strategy and tactics of development to scale the business
"Why don't they want to work with us?"
There is a constant dissatisfaction with the performance of employees and departments from clients and / or employees of the company
New horizons
The company has experienced "fateful" events and requires an audit of the current state of the commercial service (sales and marketing) with the adjustment of the development plan
"Dreams are reality. Most importantly a strong desire to move forward..."
Management and / or employees understand the need for change. There are thoughts and suggestions for changes, but they are not part of a whole and it is not clear what they can lead to
Strategic objectives
and strategy
Functions and basic competencies of employees
Business processes and
Org. chart
and interaction
Motivation system. Talent pool and development
Build and run a revised business model
  • Diagnostics of commercial structure (sales and marketing)
  • Identification of problem areas
  • "Want-Can-Must" Analysis
  • Market and company environment analysis
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Writing a strategy. Form an action plan
  • Set up Sales and Marketing
  • Restart the system motivation
  • Reaching our profit targets
What will I get as a result?
It depends on the scope of the project.
The complete project will provide a working business model, including:

  • diagnostics and expert opinion of the current business model
  • system of balanced strategic goals for the next 2-3 years, based on the actual market conditions
  • business development strategy for 2-3 years and tactical plan for the next year
  • the described root functional of a commercial structure with a competence matrix
  • business processes with description jf the value and / or added value (which is a strong competitive advantage)
  • optimal org. chart
  • customized sales and marketing departments with end-to-end motivation system
  • achieving the profit targets
    How long does the project last?
    • Stage I (Business audit) - 4-6 days (depends on the size of the company, org. structure, frequency and duration of meetings and TOP-management's will)
    • Stage II (Strategy and Tactical plan) - 6-12 days
    • Stage III (Setting up the sales and marketing departments (4-6 days) and reaching the specified profit) - 24-36 days
    • Usually 1-2 days a week (solved at the each stage in each project)
    This is how a typical project looks "right". Of course, all companies are different and everyone needs a personal approach, because "we're short of time and people need to work". We have experience of project's optimization, but you must remember: "fast and cheap is never good"
    How much does it cost?
    The cost of the project depends on the scope and content of the work.
    I. e. - from the goals of the company, which it puts before the project.

    • Someone needs a quick audit with conclusions and recommendations (stage I only). Further - all themselves, their forces. The cost of such a project will depend on the volume of consultations (per hour/day) only.
    • But someone wants to get the result of profit growth and is ready to invest in a full project with the support of all 3 stages. In this case, the company will pay about 85% of the project' cost in case of result (obtaining a profit, certain at stage II)
    And what are the guarantees?
    That depends.
    For part of the project, the company will have to implement the audit results and/or strategies on its own. In this case, the final result will depend on the quality of the organization and implementation of the project to the end. As it was originally conceived and agreed at the beginning of the project.

    For full project is launched (3 stages), the company pays the main (about 85%) part of the project cost upon its successful completion only.

    P.S. I almost forgot - at least a dozen projects of different volumes and complexity have been successfully implemented. Comments on some of them can be found in the "Feedback"
    Why is your project better than others?
    The main values are two:
    1. The company receives a system solution (expert opinion, development strategy and action plan, as well as project implementation with access to profit), incl. result
    2. The work is carried out by a team of employees dedicated to the project. In other words, its own "pumped" team, able to create and implement its strategy.
    "...Дмитрий... сопровождал проект по стратегическому развитию бизнеса компании. По результатам совместной проектной работы была разработана общая уникальная концепция нового продукта. В процессе работы Дмитрий показал себя как человек, обладающий широкими знаниями в разных аспектах развития бизнеса и его продвижения.
    Филиал АО "МосОблГаз" "Красногорскмежрайгаз" благодарит Дмитрия за совместную работу и рекомендует как настоящего профессионала своего дела"

    "...Дмитрий... был приглашен в ТПХ РУСКЛИМАТ для ведения краткосрочного проекта по аудиту:
    • целеполагания и стратегии бизнес-единицы
    • орг. структуры и эффективности бизнес-процессов
    • системы мотивации и межструктурного взаимодействия
    • определения критических зон и точек роста
    • выстраивания командного взаимодействия между сотрудниками
    Выражаем благодарность Мазурину Д. И. за высококлассный профессионализм, ответственность и результативность"

    "Компания CET-Group выражает благодарность Дмитрию Мазурину за успешно проведенную программу семинаров для сотрудников отделов продаж и маркетинга в рамках проекта по развитию бизнеса.
    Дмитрий настоятельно рекомендовал проводить семинары для отделов продаж и маркетинга одновременно. Фокус делался на системном подходе в анализе эффективности решения задач и вопросов, которые обычно находятся на пересечении зон ответственности продаж и маркетинга и поэтому не разбираются на типовых тренингах. Был осуществлен разбор многих типовых ситуаций и инструментов с целью повышения их эффективности.
    Хотелось бы отметить высокий уровень компетенций, огромный опыт, чувство юмора и позитивную энергетику Дмитрия"

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